Remote Desktop Port Forwarding To More Than One PC

I’m running a small network of computers behind a firewall at my home that I connect to remotely from work. To use my computer remotely, I use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop. Remote Desktop is set to use port 3389, so I set up port forwarding on the my router to send packets from that port to one of my computers. Later on, I needed to have access to another computer at home. Since I had already assigned port 3389 forwarding to one of my other machines, I couldn’t setup my 2nd machine for Remote Desktop. Here is what I did to solve this problem.

On the router, I have inbound packets on port 3390 get forwarded to port 3389 on my 2nd machine. At work, when I enter the address that I want to remote desktop to, I add port 3390 after the IP address ( Success! Here’s what happens when I connect:

  1. My work computer sends the packet to my router using port 3390.
  2. The router then forwards this packet to my 2nd machine, but sends it to port 3389 on the 2nd machine instead of 3390.
  3. My 2nd machine receives the request and sends out a response to the router on port 3389.
  4. The router, knowing that the packet came from my 2nd machine, sends the response to my work computer on port 3390.

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.NET Framework Library Source Code now available

I saw this over at ScottGu’s Blog. Up until now, I’ve been manually decompiling these libraries to see the source code.

.NET Framework Library Source Code now available - ScottGu’s Blog

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Stunningly Uplifting Video

This guy did an amazing job in this video. It shows that the world still has a lot of good people left in it. You will be deeply moved after watching! - “Where the Hell is Matt?”

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Subversion Cache Driving You Nuts?

NOTE: TortoiseSVN is a version control repository system. ** More Later **

Periodically, I’ve been having this problem where I can’t delete a file or folder due to it being “locked” without any valid reason. After using the extremely useful tool, UNLOCKER, I noticed that a process called “tsvncache.exe” was the culprit. Normally, you need this process to do its work ONLY on folders that contain documents that you wish to protect. Allowing this process to monitor your ENTIRE hard disk makes for more common file lock annoyances along with increased disk activity. I finally found the solution today by reading this article.

To fix this problem, right-click on your desktop, open the “TortoiseSVN” menu, and click the “Settings” item. In the settings window, expand the “Look and feel” item and select “Icon Overlays”. In the exclude box, exclude all your root hard disk paths by adding values such as “c:\*” (separated by line breaks). Then, override these exclusions by adding folder paths that you WANT to protect to the “Include” box (separated by line breaks). That’s it!

TSVN Option Example

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The Anime Laws of Physics

Even if you are not a fan of Anime (I’m not one), you’ll get a kick out of this article. Check out the link below…

The Anime Laws of

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Developer Tool of the Day

Reflector is one of the most useful (and FREE) tools in my development arsenal. Reflector is essentially a .NET assembly browser and decompiler. I primarily use it when I’m working with pre-compiled libraries in my projects and need to see what the library is doing. Lately, Ive been using it to learn how Microsoft ASP.NET web controls function at their lowest levels.

Plugin Support

Perhaps my favorite feature of Reflector is it’s plugin support. There are many useful and powerful plugins available that can diagram assemblies, create source code projects of assemblies, and much more. If you are a handy developer, you can even create plugins of your own.


Reflector home page
Reflector plugins on

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A Must See Video For Cat Owners

If you’ve ever had (or currently have) cats, you have to see this video. It’s hilarious!

Cat Owners Wake Up

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Seven Interesting Medical Myths - Explained

I read this very interesting article moments ago and realized that I had been fooled by more than one of these medical myths. A must read!

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Hilarious Homemade Pigeon Deterrent

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud at work when I saw this video. It’s effective and (mostly) humane.

DIY: Homemade Pigeon Deterrent Keeps Flying Poop Machines Away - Gizmodo

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My Latest Adventure - The Stock Market

After receiving the tax refund for (my car) and doing some gold old fashioned saving, I had some assets idling lazily in my checking account. Since my job’s focus is on stocks, I thought it would be fitting (and quite educational) to invest in some stocks.

I opened a free trading account with and started a small portfolio. Not being the type to take big risks, I started out with $2,500. In one week, I have already made a little over 1.6% in gains ($40 worth). I chose a slightly aggressive, but safe portfolio so I don’t have to constantly worry about it throughout the day. All of my picks were part of a list known as the “Dogs of the Dow” (more on that later). If all goes well, I’m looking to plop another $5,000 or so in a week or two. In the near future, I plan on writing a lot more on the subject of stock trading. Stay tuned!

My stock picks are as follows:

Pfizer: One of the big pharma companies. They’ve performed consistently for years and their dividend payout is very nice for their price ($0.50/month @ $24 per share). They have been my biggest gainer at 2.82%.

Verizon: I chose this stock for the same reason as Pfizer, though their stock price is a bit higher. Also, their FIOS marketing seems to be paying off. They are my 2nd best gain at 2.16%.

AT&T: They are a telecom giant with solid earnings and innovative ideas. I wasn’t as sure on this one, but have made a 1.82% gain so far.

Citigroup: My only loser so far. After the market crisis this past week, their stock price dropped to a level that made them under-priced for their performance. I bought some shares before their price had finished dropping, so am down %1.47 at the moment. This was a long term purchase and I am very confident in this investment.

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